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French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France

Escaping the sound and fury of New York, Richard moved to a small village in Provence, near Avignon. There he found a tiny plot of streamside land and set about raising a vegetable garden that eventually connected him to his village and to the villagers in ways he never would have dreamed.

For thirty-five years, New York City was home for Richard Goodman. A New York Memoir reflects those years--the lessons learned, the friendships made, the love found and lost, the words written. Throughout it all, there is a deep, abiding gratitude to this incomparable city coursing through this book.

The Soul of Creative Writing

Richard Goodman has collected rich examples from writers of the past and present and uses them to illustrate how supple and generous our written language is. The Soul of Creative Writing is a book for anyone who loves language and literature.